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Web Apps

OrderSponse: An order management app

A CRUD web app to manage a company's retail orders

Mobile first design allowing for use in the field

TruSponse Notify: Lead management

A CRUD web app to manage leads from the contact form of a website

Email messaging capability within the app


Python: Getting Data from One Excel File to Create Another using Pandas

Read an Excel file using the Pandas library

Create dataframes using Pandas

Extract only necessary data from the file

Create new Excel file and insert data

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access: Enterprise Order Management Database

Database application with front end data entry forms

YouTube tutorial series on how to develop the application start to finish

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel: Fitness & Nutrition Form

Form automation using dependent dropdowns and lookups to reduce the need for manual data entry

Automation to save forms as PDF and send as an email attachment via Outlook or Gmail